UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark ReportEconsultancy had today launched the annual UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Survey, in association with Guava, part of the NetBooster Group.

The research, now in its sixth year, explores levels of spending on paid and natural search, as well as the impact of trends such as the rise of mobile and growth of Google+.  As usual, those taking part in the survey will get a free copy of the full report. 

A lot has happened in the world of search since we published the first UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report in 2007, changes that are reflected by the evolution of our survey.

Although many of the fundamentals of SEO and paid search remain the same, the rise of social media marketing is having a profound impact on the way that marketers approach search.

Rather than treating them very much separately, marketers are also doing more to co-ordinate their search and display activity. 

For UK businesses, Google still sits at the centre of the SEM universe and the changes it makes have a huge impact on the whole search industry. Among other things, this year’s survey includes questions about the impact of Google+.

It’s not all about Google. We also want to know your thoughts on the impact of the Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance. Has this had a positive impact on your search marketing campaigns or are your search eggs still very much in the Google basket? We also want to know which social media sites you are paying to advertise on. 

The survey also contains questions about agency services which you might either use (as an in-house marketer) or offer as an agency. We are keen to get as much input as possible from both client-side and supply-side respondents. 

Please take the survey now and help us spread the word. The deadline for taking part is Thursday 22 March 2012.