Hi everyone. Ready for some light reading to while away literally minutes of your day?

Here’s some of the fun things that happened in the world of digital and tech this week.

Headline of the week

The Verge deserves this accolade most weeks. Partly because I am stuck in a filter bubble, but more obviously because they write some truly brilliant headlines. Here’s this week’s effort:

“Robot bees can now dive in and out of water using tiny combustible rockets”

Yep, Harvard’s robobees have been around since 2013, but are getting more and more sophisticated. Here’s an explainer video with a very Look-Around-You soundtrack.

Quote of the week

MIT Tech Review alerted me to this genius statement of the obvious uttered by Patrick Lin, director of the Ethics and Emerging Sciences Group at California Polytechnic State University, explaining why self-regulation of AI by tech firms may be a bad idea. 

“We can hope that corporate self-interest will align with public interests, but that is a giant leap of faith.”

Full story in Gizmodo.

Must-have IoT gadget of the week

Pay $328 for a kitchen-top water system and then an additional $50 for each proprietry cartridge to mineralise your water. The Mitte device is ready to receive your funding over on KickStarter.

Surely this is the nadir of the IoT subs model?


Eyewear fail of the week

The Information reports that “Snap badly overestimated demand for its Spectacles and now has hundreds of thousands of unsold units sitting in warehouses, either fully assembled or in parts, according to two people close to the company.”

Photoshop magic of the week

Adobe has previewed the next generation of Photoshop, using AI technology to do a variety of impressive things. It’s worth watching the video below if you ever use the software yourself.

Comeback of the week, nay, the century

This isn’t digital news, but we make an exception for great stories.

Wimpy is reportedly making a comeback in the UK. There are apparently still 80 Wimpy stores in the UK, but next year the fast food restaurant chain plans to expand. This gives us a glorious excuse to include a photo of a 1980s Wimpy menu, featuring the Bender Brunch.

More from the Mail

wimpy menu

Shelf-scanning robot of the week

Walmart is trialling the attractive automaton shown below which will scan shelves and deliver a report to human staff, telling them what needs restocking.

More from Reuters.

walmart robot

Stranger Things spoof of the week

Southampton FC released this series of videos. I’m not quite sure why.