Tired of stories about SEO, CRO, CRM and XYZ?

This is the antidote to every known digital marketing acronym – a roundup of silly stories from the past week. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, friends!

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iPhone painted in 1937 by time-travelling artist

Look at the painting in the tweet below. See the guy holding the iPhone? He was painted in 1937 by Umberto Romano in this mural featuring a pink-clad William Pynchon, the earliest known colonial ancestor of novelist Thomas Pynchon.

You’ll have to read the article to find out if it’s actually an iPhone.

The next Game of Thrones is here!

Software engineer Zack Thoutt is training a recurrent neural network to predict what will happen in George RR Martin’s unfinished sixth novel. Motherboard brings us the first chapter. It’s predictably a bunch of nonsensical crap, but I suppose that’s to be expected.

Here’s an excerpt:

Tyrion could hear Lord Aemon’s coughing. “I miss for it. Why did you proper?”

“I feared Master Sansa, Ser,” Ser Jaime reminded her. “She Baratheon is one of the crossing. The second sons of your onion concubine.”

Lady Donella length of a longsword, the hair that went ready to climb side from her. And all between them were belaquo bonebreaker and the night’s watch ride in their room. Only he could not look at them, even others sure. “How could you leave the world?”

“Some must, for you,” a woman’s voiced up lazily. “Gods, Reek.”

This person has memorised the entire IKEA catalogue and it’s glorious

Ikea has by far and away the most creative marketing of any brand at the moment. It has another home run with its latest campaign created for the Singapore, Thailand and Malaysian markets by BBH Asia Pacific.

The film below shows ‘two-time world memory champion’ Yanjaa Wintersoul recalling details from the catalogue in the most extraordinary style. You can test Yanjaa via a Facebook Live event held on the Ikea Singapore Facebook page on September 6th at 5pm.

More from Creative Review.

This new social app chooses emojis based on your actual facial expression

There’s a new social app called Polygram which gauges your response to people’s posts using your front-facing camera and then picks an emoji to match your expression.

The neural network runs locally on your phone and MIT Tech Review reports that “users can see a tally of the emoji reactions to each photo or video they post to the app, as well as details about who looked at the post, how long they looked at it, and where they’re located.” 

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AS Roma unveils new signing with bizarre video

Don’t understand? It’s all explained very clearly here. And if you’re wondering why Roma is such a crazy football club, The Drum has the scoop.

AI drones to spot naughty sharks

Reuters reports that the University of Technology Sydney’s School of Software alongside drone firm Little Ripper Group has built software that works with a quadcopter’s camera to spot sharks, differentiating them from God’s less scary marine creatures.

If a shark is spotted, the drone has a megaphone which sounds a warning, surely the most frightening thing to hear as you sit with legs dangling from an inflatable ring. The drones will take to the skies this month.

via MIT Tech Review newsletter

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