There are a huge amount of articles out there discussing the rise of mobile devices, including advocates of “mobile first”.

We have been tracking social content engagement rates (customer reviews and consumer conversations) across mobile devices (iphones, smartphones, ipads and tablets) for some months now, from both a content generation and engagement perspective.

Looking at content generation across all Reevoo’s retailer and brand clients, today, 25% of consumers receiving post purchase requests to provide a review or answer a question via email choose to respond from their mobile device. 

In September 2011, the percentage of reviews submitted via mobile devices was just 8%. Have a look at the chart below, over the past 18 months, that’s a growth of 212%.

The percentage of reviews submitted and questions answered via mobile is only going to get larger and larger.

Reviews from mobile devices

Last autumn, Currys and PCWorld launched fully responsive websites – that included social content, as shown in the screen shots below.

Today, 26% of consumers access customer reviews and consumer conversations on mobile devices for PCWorld and Currys. What’s more, a much higher propensity to purchase is seen after consumers access reviews on mobile devices.

Over the past few years we have seen this type of uplift across desktop and laptop; now it is evident that with mobile optimized solutions the same uplift can be delivered across mobile.

The potential here is large: for PC World and Currys the conversion uplift is 1.5x, and we are seeing similar engagement rates and levels of conversion uplift for other retailers.

Clearly, mobile conversion rates are starting at a lower base, but these numbers are only going to get larger as consumers continue to engage and transact more and more via their mobile devices. 

Now is the time of the small screen for social engagement.

So what does that mean if you are a retailer, brand, car, travel or financial service company reading this?  To engage and build a relationship with your customers, driving sales and long term customer loyalty, you need to prioritise creating a seamless experience across all devices. 

No longer can mobile be a poor relation, your mobile experience can’t stop at factual based information such a product data and brand messaging, it must include all elements of your social armory. 

If you fail to take action now, your customers will simply go elsewhere – and why shouldn’t they?

Note:  Currys and PCWorld are a customer of Reevoo.