The Telegraph launched its first app for the iPad today, bringing the ‘editor’s selections’ to the device. The app will be available for download daily from 5am. 

It’s a free app, for a limited period anyway, which will be sponsored by Audi for the first 12 weeks. It’s an interesting move, and a good alternative to the paid apps from The Times and others. 


I’ve been trying the new app out… 

The app basically recreates that morning’s edition of the newspaper, in a format which is easier to use than the main website. The desktop site looks OK on an iPad (below), but the app is easier to read and to navigate around. 


The app is very simple to navigate around, with just seven main sections, while a left hand menu pops up to show the latest articles in each section: 


Every few pages, an ad for Audi pops up, and it is possible to interact with the ad and view more details about cars without leaving the app altogether. Ads are also easy to skip past, meaning minimal interruption for the user. 


The article pages, stripped of the various sidebars, ads and related videos, are well presented and easy to read: 



This is a good iPad app, easy to use, and users can scroll up and down and between articles very easily. The content available is limited compared to main site, but it is free, and can be viewed offline, handy for the commute to work. 

I think other publishers, such as Wired, have done more to make the most of the iPad by providing interactive features and videos, as well as more engaging ad content, but this app does the basics well.