The new look Times Online site launched yesterday, ditching the old black and white design, in favour of colour-coding, though the site has been experiencing teething problems so far.

The Times’ website, which was redesigned in-house by Tomaso Capuano and Jon Warden, now features lime green in the masthead, and green, blue and grey throughout the rest of the site. The information architecture was designed by Melissa Fleck.

Times Online revamps website

Obvious font issues aside, we think it looks pretty good…

Times Online’s revamped site now contains more Web 2.0 features, with podcasts, video content and blogs, as well as new-look website navigation, which has been moved to the top of the page (works well).

The Times Online, which first launched in 1996 and claims to have 10m unique monthly users, has been experiencing a few problems since the revamp.

Many users have been having difficulty seeing pages on the site, with many either slow to load or not loading at all. Even now, pages are taking a while to load. Nice fonts though and the large, newspaper-sized headlines have made a real difference. We like the layout too.

Times Online’s online communities editor, Tom Whitwell, said that changing 400,000 pages simultaneously had meant ‘traffic’ increased by 500%.

He told the Guardian:

“There are about 400,000 pages on the site, and this morning, they all changed simultaneously, which meant that every search engine spider came to visit us.”

“Obviously our plans for coping with that traffic weren’t effective and people coming to the site, including us in the office are finding it very slow – sorry about that.”

Teething problems aside, the site looks better for the redesign, with a clean, spacious look. The site’s users aren’t too impressed by the lime green though,  with 68% saying they hate the new colour.

Hopefully, as part of the redesign, Times Online will stop this kind of awful advertising from spoiling the user experience.