Ahead of the opening ceremony this Friday, Olympic excitement is building.

So, how are the biggest ads faring online? 

With data compiled by Unruly, from ten to one, here’s a run-down of the Olympic video ads that have been shared the most on social media so far since their release.

Figures are correct at time of publication.

10. Nike – Unlimited Future (40,037 shares)

9. Gillette – Perfect Isn’t Pretty (41,353 shares)

8. Gatorade – The Boy Who Learned to Fly (63,803 shares)

7. Nike – Unlimited Serena Williams (65,668 shares)

6. United Airlines – One Journey, Two Teams (72,355 shares)

5. BBC Sport – Rio Games Trailer (79,295 shares)

4. P&G – Thank You, Mom (180,725 shares)

3. Under Armour – Rule Yourself, USA Women’s Gymnastics (186,865 shares) 

2. Under Armour – Rule Yourself, Michael Phelps (308,000 shares)

Read more about Under Armour and Rule 40 (allowing unofficial sponsors to use Olympic content).

1. Channel 4 – We’re the Superhumans, Paralympic Games Trailer (1,256,567 shares)

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