This week has seen product updates from Google and Snapchat – but that’s just the appetiser.

Dig in for more digital sustenance, including all the marketing and advertising news you need to know from this week.

Google AMP for ads

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative now includes ads, speeding up their delivery (see below) and using less user data.

Of course, video ads are not yet included this effort and remain an issue for mobile loading.

Google has also brought AMP to landing pages and in further news from DoubleClick, dynamic native-format ads are now available programmatically.

AMP for ads. Image via Malte Ubl, AMP tech lead

amp for ads

Pokémon GO gets McDonald’s Japan sponsorship

McDonald’s Japan will be the first paying sponsor of Pokémon GO.

3,000 restaurants will (ironically?) become gyms, allowing Pokémon trainers to battle.

Further reading: What can brands learn from Nintendo’s digital transformation and Pokémon GO?

Google Cloud Natural Language API

Sticking with Google product updates, the search beast has unveiled its Cloud Natural Language API.

The blog post reveals ’Cloud Natural Language lets you easily reveal the structure and meaning of your text in a variety of languages, with initial support for English, Spanish and Japanese.’

It can be used for sentiment analysis, entity recognition and sentiment analysis.

Snapchat debuts more fun features

Bitmoji (built from the acquisition of BitStrips) allows you to create an emoji of yourself, combining the two obsessions of young people.

The other new feature, Face Paint Lens, lets users create realtime overlays.

Facebook Messenger hits 1bn monthly active users

Boom, Facebook Messenger catches up with WhatsApp. 

Daily Mail post-Brexit bounce

The FT reports Daily Mail digital ad revenues have risen 19% in the three weeks since the Brexit vote. 

It has also seen an 8% drop in newspaper advertising, leading to 1% rise in ad revenue overall.

Are you verified?

Any person or brand can now apply for the little blue tick on Twitter.

If you want to know more, here’s everything you need to know about a successful application.

Facebook’s Snapchat copy is killed

A fascinating post from Techcrunch. Facebook has been trialling a Snapchat-like feature, but is not furthering its development at this time.

NBA content for Twitter

Twitter, already set to broadcast Thursday night football, is bringing more sports content, with a weekly pre-game NBA show that will be streamed live.

Another NBA show stream is also in development but not yet announced.

Ninth Measurement and Analytics Report release

Econsultancy’s Measurement and Analytics Report 2016, in association with Lynchpin, reveals some fascinating insights into the data landscape amongst companies and agencies.

Here’s a summary to whet your appetite.

chart from analytics report

Festival of Marketing agenda announced

A whopping 200 speakers over 12 stages, including Wozniak and Sorrell.

What more could you want in London in Autumn as a marketer? See the agenda here.