All websites should have an ‘about’ page, containing information on the company’s history, news and people. Some firms create a dedicated area to display team members, and I’ve spotted a few that are doing this remarkably well.

These pages are clean, creative and compelling. Some of them prove beyond doubt that a clever idea doesn’t mean that you need to use sluggish technology. 

The first example is genius…


Lateral’s team page is a fantastic ad for its core skillset, which is focused around design and build. Monochrome thumbnails of its 26 team members come to life when you move your mouse around. Hover over a person and the rest of the Lateral team will look at them. The person you hover over will also appear in colour. Note too the job openings in the bottom row (something I’m seeing more of on team pages). This is a deceptively simple, effective idea, and it has been brilliantly executed. Maximum kudos.

Sidekick Studios

This firm also displays its 11 team members on its about page, but has chosen to use animated gifs that come to life, providing depth to the page. It’s the little things…


This is a clean page with a winning layout, easy-to-digest copy and great typography. The image at the top of the page has a offers horizontal scrolling, so you can take a look at the entire team. Neat. 


A big counter at the top of the page (not yet realtime) displays the number of Tumblr posts and blogs, followed by a widescreen image slideshow of the company office and nearby environment. Tumblr also displays a bunch of mugshots, which in this case are not animated but definitely tie in nicely with the Tumblr product, as each picture links directly to that team member’s Tumblr blog. 


Extended staff profiles provide a little personality, with favourite TV shows, books and music listed underneath an image and brief description of what that individual does. 

37 Signals

Unsurprisingly this is a beautifully designed page, with lots of little touches that make it special. After a positioning statement the key focus is on a timeline, starting in 1998 and featuring key milestones (company and industry). It encourages the user to scroll down the page, where the key players in the 37 Signals team are listed, followed by its product suite. Classy.

Amazee Labs

Team-focused and uber-transparent, with telephone numbers, email addresses and Twitter accounts all listed to make it easy for visitors to make contact. Reminiscent of print design, which is no bad thing.

Obox Design

This firm makes good use of video on its about page, to enhance the personality-driven copy. I’m not a fan of video-only pages (of any kind), but a blend of video and text works just fine.

Adham Dannaway

Adham, a front-end designer and one-man band, has opted for an infographic-based layout for his ‘about me’ page. It works well. 

Can you suggest any others that are similarly compelling, or innovative, or downright amazing?