Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. Have you been waiting long?

Welcome! Come in! Make your self at home. Please excuse the mess, it’s been a hectic week what with all the goings on and happenings and such. 

So tell me, how’s everything with you?… Uh-huh… Uh-huh… Okay shut up now. Here’s some stuff I found on the internet to amuse you while I go in the other room and pretend I’m busy. 

Teens battle to win a yearly reality show

Stock footage! Is there a hoarier phrase in the whole of media? Well finally someone put cliché riddled, generic video footage to brilliant use by remaking loads of big budget Hollywood movies with it.

Prepared to be… well, not thrilled exactly… more bemused.

Cartoon bombing

French illustrator Troqman has the single most wonderful Instagram account in existence.  Here his incredible sketches interact with the real world in increasingly witty and creative ways.

Godzilla: the Godzilla Cut

If you were one of the many who complained that this year’s Godzilla remake had far too much of all that boring plot and character crap, here you go. This is every single one of his eight minutes of screen time for your edification. 


“The New York State sentence for a Peeping Tom is six months in the workhouse”

Jose Guizar is a graphic designer living in New York. He likes windows. This is his website where he publishes illustrations of windows in New York. It’s called Windows of New York.

The Devil’s Spoke

All bike horn versions of all your favourite pop hits. Featuring ‘Never Gonna Give You Up (bike horn version)’, ‘Mambo No. 5 (bike horn version)’, ‘Careless Whisper (bike horn version)’ and… well you get the picture. 

People will ask you “why the hell are you listening to this?” and they will be right to do so.

How do you make boring old time photos better? 

By turning them into spine chilling gifs…

Kevin J Weir has been raiding old photographs from the library of congress’s Flickr account and giving them a spooky makeover.

“As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced”

You know that bit at the end of Star Wars IV when Leia gives out all the medals and it’s all a bit awkward and weird? Well guess what removing the score from it does? Makes it weirder. 

May your brain explode because of the cuteness 

Here are 14 Japanese meals courtesy of Bored Panda that will make you resent you boring ham sandwich.

There are also Chewbacca noodles. 

“Excuse me, does your bag need that seat?”

Shame on you passengers. Shame on you. Check out this Instagram account for some terrible examples of humanity.

BASS! How low can you go?

Watch the history of pop music in 100 bass riffs.

You call this archaeology?

Apparently archaeologists hate Indiana Jones. According to The Last Word On Nothing he’s just a tomb-raiding scumbag. Read more on this subject by clicking below.

And then look at this Gif, for no other reason than because I’ve been saving it for just such an occasion…

To me, to you, to not to be

Just to alienate anyone who didn’t grow up in the UK in the early 90s, here’s what the Chuckle Brothers have been up to lately on their various social channels. 

Rapping with Tinchy Stryder… (click to play)

And taking selfies outside the court where they were called as defence witnesses during the trial of DLT… 

Ah, it’s been deleted. Shame. Check back in one week’s time to see what hilarity the Brothers Chuckle get up to next.