Hello boils and ghouls! 

Welcome to this horrifying edition of our weekly guide to the best, weirdest and funniest things we found on the internet over the last seven days.

The difference is this week, everything featured here will scare your pants off. Or at least have a cobweb in the background.


Well, I say ‘enjoy’…


If it were Stine reimagines classic horror movies as if they’re part of the Goosebumps series. 


Watch a cardboard version of Johnny Depp get butchered by Freddy Krueger. In cardboard. 

Scariest Reddit thread ever

This has been around for a long time, but I often go back to it for a little chill. What is the creepiest thing your child has ever said to you? It includes this macabre tale…

‘Thriller’ 20 different ways

From Spice Girls to The Misfits circa 1980, watch musical chameleon Anthony Vincent seamlessly move from one genre to another in perfect 10 second long bursts.

“Let that ill-gotten donut be forever on your head”

Den of Geek rounds up the 13 best Simpsons Treehouse of Horror segments.

“I am disappointed and terrified”.

Tuck Me In

The winner of Fiminute’s 2014 jury award for best minute-long film is this low-key but deeply creepy little number.


io9 recently asked what is the scariest short story you’ve ever read?

Meredith Woerner suggested Harold from Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It’s about a scarecrow. Below is a ‘book-on-tape’ rendition. Tread carefully.


Released in the UK just in time for Halloween is the Australian horror film The Babadook, a singularly terrifying experience (as this very insightful review says) about a haunted pop-up book. 

Now you can will the evil tome into life by signing up to this crowdfunding initiative seeking to get it published. What the hell is wrong with you people.




Horror movie marketing at the moment follows a very similar prankvertising model as previous viral hits Carrie and Devil’s Due… Scare some innocent people on a hidden camera, achieve millions of views on YouTube with the ‘mysterious’ footage, forget what the film is called a month later.

This year’s Ouija breaks the above mould slightly by not being as popular. 

The Queen of Halloween

Take some inspiration for your Halloween costume this year from Heidi Klum…

Sleep tight

Anyway after all that spooky stuff, let’s watch a pug walk around a park dressed as a monster.

Ah, that’s better.