So much was covered that it would take a week to explore all the issues raised, but I thought I’d just note some of the key thoughts from the event…

  1. Always treat your online friends with respect. Have conversations not sales pitches.
  2. Read ‘The Art of war’ by Sun Tzu as speakers I respect keep mentioning it and I want to look clever too!
  3. Fish where the fish are.
  4. Must find out more about BBC Backstage as this major development seems to have passed me by again.
  5. Wish I had thought of calling the Army Rumor Service ARSE.
  6. Become a content platform rather than a destination if you can. You can only do this by being open, and by being prepared to give away stuff your board would currently shoot you for (that means it has value and people might actually want it).
  7. Revisit widgets – the functionality is better than I thought. I like hostelbook on Facebook. Fish where the fish are!
  8. Consider, as Ian Jindal proposed, that the E-commerce director may go the same way as the Chief Electricity Officer did (a common board position pre 1940).
  9. Use the term ‘techtard’ as often as possible as it amuses me.
  10. Consider with the team at E-consultancy if we can do a research piece on ‘measuring social media’. It is one of the key issues holding investment back – more research / measurement needed.
  11. Do longer term projects on Second Life as its not the environment where you get rapid spikes of traffic unless…
  12. ….you get God to turn up as Random House did when marketing Richard Dawkins ‘The God Delusion’ in Second Life. A great book and a great piece of marketing.