As one might expect from Threadless the app looks fantastic both in terms of the layout and the quality of the imagery.

The homepage displays a grid featuring colourful images of every Threadless design, so you can happily scroll down for ages perusing the t-shirts and hoodies that are on offer.

Users can also filter by product type by accessing the hamburger menu or find a specific item using the search tool.


Along the bottom of the screen there are further icons that allow you to access your account details or shopping cart, vote for products you like, or view the most recent social activity on the site.

It’s all very simple and easy to use, which is exactly what I want from a mobile app.

Product pages

Threadless prints its designs on a range of items so the product pages allow users to view what the print will look like on a hoodie, t-shirt or other accessories.

The product pages have been stripped down to the bare essentials, with little more than images, a price and a call-to-action.

Adding an item to your cart is incredibly user-friendly. Once you’ve selected the size a pink ‘Add to Cart’ CTA pops up, leaving shoppers in no doubt as to the next stage of their journey.



When you hit the ‘Cart’ icon you’re given the choice of the normal checkout or PayPal, which is a useful option for mobile shoppers who don’t want to bother entering card details.

That said, data from Poq Studio shows that a majority of app users are repeat customers so they could just as easily store their payment details with Threadless rather than PayPal.

When you get to the checkout Threadless doesn’t ask for existing account details as users are expected to sign in before adding items to their basket. This is a great way of reducing barriers to purchase, but also meant that I had to exit the checkout in order to sign in to my existing account.


Even so, the checkout for new customers is very slick and keeps form filling to a minimum. There are just three screens to get through before a purchase is complete.

Alas the app wouldn’t actually let me log in and kept coming back with an error message, though it obviously worked on some level as the cat t-shirt that I was trying to buy appeared in my shopping basket on the desktop site.

In conclusion…

Threadless has successfully created an app that combines an excellent UX with gorgeous imagery.

It’s a very simple app, but then Threadless has a limited range of products albeit with a huge number of designs to choose from.

This means that it’s fun and easy to use, and will likely lead to an increase in loyalty and repeat purchases from the company’s existing customer base.

Another important factor is that the app’s design is consistent with the desktop site so it fits with the overall brand experience that one expects from Threadless.

Overall I’m extremely impressed with the app and look forward to the Android version.