Organisations are making headway with mobile

Compared to last year’s briefing on this topic, many organisations have made great strides in creating a more mobile-friendly experience.

It is, however, an ongoing and complex challenge even for the most clued up companies. 

Fewer companies than last year agreeing that ‘delivering optimal experiences across all screens and devices’ is a major challenge (60% this year compared to 70% last year). 

Companies are aligning content marketing and commerce

While this year’s survey shows that content management is still about digital experience and brand building, there’s more focus on financial objectives, particularly around the use of content for commerce.

Three in five organisations now cite ‘driving sales’ as a key business objective for content management, an increase of seven percentage points since last year.

According to Adobe’s Vice President, EMEA Marketing Mark Phibbs:

There is a clear focus on experience-driven commerce which maximises conversions and revenues through more effective merchandising. Central to this is personalisation of content as a way of delivering engaging multichannel experiences that increase conversions and build brand loyalty.

The importance of CMS integration with other marketing technology

There is increased recognition of the importance of being able to integrate a CMS with other digital marketing technologies and platforms, from analytics and CRM to social media tools.

31% of company respondents see ‘ease of integration with other parts of the business’ to be among the three key criteria when accessing a CMS, a 5% increase from 2013.

What are the most important criteria for your organisation when assessing a CMS?

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