In this post I’m going to cover three key takeaways from the report, but if you want lots more insight about how to manage data in a multichannel environment then download the full report today.

Website is best channel for data collection

When it comes to collecting data, a company’s website is still the most popular place for them to collect data about their customers. 

Q: The channels companies use to collect data (global)

Best channel for data collection graph

Face-to-face and in-store marketing also scored highly, however, with 59% and 48% respectively. 

Steve Sweeney, general manager of marketing operations as MoneySuperMarket, said: 

Web is clearly the most important for us. The customer has to fill in lots of information so it’s a popular channel through which to gather data. Email is the next best way because customers will engage and give us more information.

Brian Linnington, commercial director at Topps Tiles, said:

We estimate that 75% of our customers will interact online. You have to log on and give us your information if you’re going to transact, even if you request a sample or a brochure.

Physical environments the best channel for collecting customer experience data

Despite websites being the most popular channel for data collection, there seems to be a discrepancy when it comes to this data’s effectiveness: only 21% of respondent’s to Experian’s survey believe website data is essential to marketing success.

Physical environments such as call centres or face-to-face interactions in shops scored highest when brands were asked which data sets were essential for marketing success, with 48% and 53% respectively. 

These figures suggest that the most interesting contextual data comes from these channels, not to mention the fact that brands can have a positive impact on overall customer experiences through physical environments. 

It can be challenging to gather more in-depth customer information through these channels, however.

And even when brands do achieve this is can be difficult to merge online and offline data and use it to form strategy. 

Once again, the ability to tie two channels of data together remains both a problem and a priority. 

Mobile data essential for marketing success

Mobile dominates when it comes to what marketers see as the most important data sets for achieving marketing success. 

As you can see from the chart below, 73% of respondents cited either a mobile website or mobile application as essential.

Q: Data sets essential for marketing success

Data sets essential for marketing success graph

Acting independently as opposed to being used simultaneously with another channel, mobile has the opportunity to create much deeper customer relationships, particularly in sectors where such bonds have not previously existed.

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