The survey is based on data provided by those who classify themselves as general marketing and digital professionals, numbering over 4,500 individuals.

The main objective of this research is to give a guideline on how marketers are remunerated and what the trends and variations are across different industry sectors and regions in the UK.

The survey will help you benchmark salaries for nearly 50 individual job roles, and it also offers real practical value both for those working in the marketing industry who want to understand how their peers are remunerated.

Here are some key takeaways from the research…

Digital marketing salaries are on a par with those of general marketers

If we consider salaries by level of seniority, digital salaries are faring pretty well against those in general marketing.

At marketing assistant level, digital specialists are on average £12,036 better off than those beginning their career in general marketing.

As we move up the ranks, digital marketing managers are commanding an average salary of £39,487, which is a nearly complete match for general marketing managers (£39,348).

The gender pay gap persists

Disappointingly, the survey shows a considerable pay gap between male and female marketers, across both digital and general marketing.

Male digital specialists receive an average salary of £47,247, which is £7,182 more than their female counterparts, equating to a 15% difference.

For general marketers, men are taking home an additional £10,197 in average salary, meaning that women are receiving 21% less.

It pays to be a Londoner

As you might expect, London is commanding the biggest marketing salaries, with digital specialists taking home an average income of £50,143.

Ranking regions in order of priority, determined by average salaries, the South East (excluding London) comes second, with digital specialists and general marketers earning like-for-like. 

It might be fair to assume that Brighton accounts for many responses in this region, as for many years it has gained a reputation as a digital hub, nurturing talent and being a hotbed for start-ups.

For much more insight, download the full report: Salary Survey Report 2015