Here are three of the ways brands are using emojis in their digital campaigns and communications.

Email Subject Lines

With more and more email clients, including Outlook and the iPhone email app, supporting emojis in subject lines, it’s no surprise that the catchy characters are increasingly used.

According to data from Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, 2% of B2C emails now contain emojis in the subject line, and email delivery vendor MailChimp says that 214,000 campaigns have been sent with them.

While MailChimp says it hasn’t yet seen “a consistent positive or negative impact from using emojis,” it notes that emojis are great for “pack[ing] more information and emotion into shorter messages.”

Page Titles

Observing that Google had been supporting the display of emojis in the SERPs, brands like Expedia began experimenting with the addition of emojis to page titles.

Google subsequently announced that it will be ending support for the display of emojis in page titles, suggesting that this tactic will probably not grow in popularity any time soon, but future changes could put these back on the table.

Domain Names

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