Twitition, created by Leeds-based agency Branded 3, reached its third anniversary this week. Having started as an idea over breakfast, it has since been used by 8m people, and 200,000 petitions have been created. 

It has since been used by Lady Gaga, to campaign against the US ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ law, and has been targeted by Chinese hackers, thanks to Twititions relating to the arrest of Chinese artist and activist Ai WeiWei. 

This infographic presents a potted history of the tool, and shows some of the major milestones… 

According to Branded3 Director Patrick Altoft: 

What started as a silly idea over breakfast one Sunday has gone on to become a globally recognised brand touching millions of people. Twitition has been used by pop stars, by activists, has helped raise the profile of amazing individuals, such as terminally ill patients, and incredible causes.

We’ve been attacked by Chinese-based groups who tried to bring down our site – a temporary, if interesting, distributed denial-of-service attack – and we also proved, for the first time, the influence of social shares in Google’s rankings. Not bad for a silly Sunday idea and we look forward to seeing how Twitition affects the world in the next three years.”