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How TikTok is bridging the gap between entertainment and commerce

At Econsultancy Live last month, TikTok’s Simon Hofmeister, head of vertical, ecommerce, shared some key trends on the platform and what they reveal about the future of commerce.

Hofmeister, whose previous roles included seven and a half years in performance marketing at Asos, discussed the power of entertainment in commerce and how TikTok’s community-based, creator-driven and conversational platform is changing the traditional purchase journey.

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TikTok Innovation – Digital Shift Q3 2022

Chapter 2. This chapter looks at TikTok’s latest creator features and the trends being driven by the platform – including its role in amplifying them – from viral-status products to ‘BookTok’ and ‘Excel influencers’.

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Six travel and tourism brands using TikTok to connect with young consumers

TikTok has amassed a wealth of travel-related content, for which there is huge demand. The hashtag #travel has over 94 billion views, while #tiktoktravel has over 32.7 billion views. Here’s a few examples of how travel brands are capitalising on this interest with their own TikTok campaigns.


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Collaboration, customisation and TikTok: examining the success of Crocs

Love them or hate them, Crocs have undoubtedly enjoyed something of a resurgence in the past few years. Seen on the feet of influencers and Oscar-attendees alike – as well as those who simply care more about comfort than style – the footwear brand has recently cemented its success with record earnings. In its Q2 […]