Lisa Finfer at DMNews has jotted down a few tips for email marketers, with relevancy again being cited as a key factor in generating results.

In Lisa’s article, she outlines a four step process for marketers to increase open rates and conversions.

These are….

  • Know your audience
    According to Lisa, this is something many marketers overlook, although gathering data on buying habits and demographics is crucial. With this in mind, it is important to consider the type of questions to ask people when they consent to having emails sent.
  • Only send out relevant information
    If you have good information on the customers on your list, you must use it to avoid sending out irrelevant emails, which are likely to have recipients ignoring them or pressing the spam button.

    For example, a recent Jupiter Research report found that untargeted emails generated average open rates of 20%, compared to 27% for campaigns triggered by user actions, and 33% for those integrating website clickstream data.

  • Create a strong template

    Lisa recommends a relatively short email message, with a clearly placed call to action, as well as logo placement in the upper left of the email.
  • Don’t overload your audience

    Frequency of emails is important, as sending too many (or more than the recipient expects) will have them unsubscribing or reporting them as spam.

    It is therefore important to set customer expectations, and Lisa suggests that marketers should make recipients aware how frequently they can expect to recieve emails.

    Better still, customers could be asked how often they are willing to receive email offers when they first give their consent.

Also keep an eye out for the 2007 update to our Email Marketing Buyer’s Guide for more info on best practice when it comes to email campaigns. It’ll be out later this month.

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