Any PR or content marketer worth their salt will know to check in with the tone and style of the blog they are outreaching before sending a pitch, but here is some added guidance:

Why do we blog? 

It’s fun, it’s interesting, but there are other reasons. The blog is about getting the Econsultancy brand known and providing articles which digital marketers will find useful, which will create informed debate and perhaps inspire people to investigate the site further and check out our splendid reports, events and training. 

The blog attracts upwards of 400,000 unique visitors per month and, as well as being informative for our readers (we hope), helps us to learn a lot about the issues that marketers care about

What do we cover here?

Broadly speaking, we cover any aspect of digital marketing and ecommerce which our readers will find useful.

The topics we cover most are ecommerce, search, social media, content marketing and mobile, but we also look to provide insight on web analytics, online advertising, and many other things digital. 

Within these topic areas we are looking for: 

  • Data (industry insights for our verticals). We like data on UX tests, interesting studies into search, anything which offers new insights for our readers. 
  • News on ecommerce launches. We review ecommerce sites regularly, so keep us up to date with new launches, redesigns, etc. 
  • New and innovative marketing campaigns. We like to know about new campaign which offer lessons for other marketers. Even better if you come to us with stats. 
  • M-commerce and apps. Are you launching a new mobile site or app? Let us know. 
  • Client-side interviews. While we don’t rule out interviews with suppliers / agencies, we’d often rather speak to brands and retailers. 
  • Startups. We run regular Start Me Up! Q&As, so let us know if you have an interesting startup. 

What do we not cover here?

  • We don’t cover news about new hires. 
  • We don’t cover rebrands.
  • We don’t write about client wins, though if you have some useful stats or case studies further down the line, then we might be interested. 
  • We don’t cover funding or acquistions. If it’s funding, you may be a candidate for a startup Q&A. 
  • We don’t do news per se, though we may do an analysis piece or review based on a piece of news, like this

Who covers what?

We all cover a bit of everything, though we do have our preferred topic areas. 

  • Graham Charlton. Our Editor covers ecommerce, multichannel retail, UX, search and email. 
  • Patricio Robles: US-focused, looks at most topics, with a focus on ecommerce, social and B2B marketing. 
  • Claire Brinkley: Claire looks at digital and ecommerce trends in Australia. 
  • David Moth: David focuses on ecommerce, mobile and social. 
  • Heather Taylor. Heather, our US editor covers social trends and more. 

Once you’ve absorbed what we’re all about, if you’d like to send a press release or propose a contributor, please use:

Finally, if you are an active contributor to a website that covers any of the verticals we specialise in (SEO/Marketing/PR/Ecommerce/Mobile/Advertising) then you may be interested in joining the Econsultancy for Journalists LinkedIn Group where we provide our own industry data and commentary around trending news and our reports.

If you are a journalist, but more of a Twitter type, send us a tweet (@econsultancy) with the hashtag #EconLIST and we’ll take care of the rest.