Robin Good has some interesting tips about the effective use of video to market your products and services online. Video marketing can be excellent method of communicating the benefits of your products or services within a short space of time.

When a visitor is delivered to your site by a search engine or some other link, they will be looking for the information they require instantly. A good video demo can save them having to trawl through the site to find the information or, worse still, deciding to look elsewhere.

In his article, Robin Good shares some tips on best practice for video marketing.

• Ensure that your video is seen – there’s no point putting together a video then having it in a corner of the screen, or on another page. It should be prominently displayed on the landing page.

• Keep the video short and to the point – the average internet surfer’s attention span is low, so make clear that they have the option of watching a short video to explain your service. Make the video short and snappy, two or three minutes long, as no-one wants to sit through a long presentation.

• Make the video appealing – the video should be visually appealing and pacy enough to grab the viewer’s attention. An upbeat soundtrack to the video helps, as does reinforcing the voiceover with onscreen keywords and graphics. No-one wants to watch a dull, static video.

• If you have a video, spread it around – Allow bloggers and technology reviewers to display the video on their sites, The more people you can get to view the video, the more effective it will be. Sites such as and YouTube are perfect for this.

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