Jennifer Slegg at Search Engine Land has some useful tips on optimising your blog, for the benefit of both your readers and the search engines. 

Jennifer presents some tips for increasing your visibility on search engines, others, including tips on fonts and descriptive titles, to make your blog more accessible and easy to read.  

Here is a small selection of tips:

Make sure you have RSS available:

“Many hosted blogging solutions don’t have RSS automatically available, so you will need to add it. And when you do add it, ensure you have those RSS links in an obvious spot. Place all those handy subscribe links in your sidebar, which is exactly where people will look for them.”

Post regularly:

”The more frequently you post, the more likely Googlebot and other bots will stop by on a more regular basis. Google loves updated fresh sites, so it make sense to feed the bot what it wants.”

Watch out for Trackback & Comment Spam:

”You don’t want Google or Yahoo to find masses of spammy links on your site. Use one of the many tools on the market for your blog platform to manage both comment and trackback spam.”

Be Aware of Your Anchor Text:

”When you link to someone’s blog entry, or even a previous blog entry on your own site, make sure you link well. This means instead of linking to someone’s blog entry with the anchor text “click here”, you link to them using anchor text related to the blog entry.”

All good tips, though there are a couple which are missing…

Blog directory submission:

An excellent way to increase your blog’s visibility and exposure is to submit your site to as many blog and RSS subscription directories as possible.

Robin Good’s superb list of 200+ blog directories is a useful resource, especially as it provides links straight to the submission pages. It’s well worth spending a day or so going through the list.

Add social bookmark links:

Make it easy for readers of your blog to share posts with others via social bookmark links. We’ve done it with Digg, Delicious and Reddit – there are others, including Newsvine and Netscape, but be careful not to overdo it.

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