1link.in is the tool of the week1link.in is a shortcode service with a difference. The difference is that it allows you to configure one link to open multiple pages. 

I’ve not seen anything like it before (which often means there are a dozen similar tools out there).

The service works just like Bit.ly or TinyURL, by allowing you to paste in a link to shorten it. But it specifically allows you to embed a number of pages in that link, something that the other tools don’t (yet) offer.

Additionally, 1link.in can be password protected. To see an example, click here. The password is ‘open’. 

Note that there are two links embedded: the Econsultancy homepage and my Twitter account. 

You will be prompted for the password (which is ‘open’) and then once again to check that you’re happy for both of the links to be opened. If you are, then hit ‘ok’ and watch in awe as two more tabs appear in your browser…

It’s going to be a handy tool for answering questions on Twitter, where space is at a premium, and where one link doesn’t always do justice to your answer. 

All in all, it is a useful addition to my toolbox. Check it out.