A great man once said, “The Econsultancy digital marketing stats round-up is the best thing to happen to Fridays since the invention of the weekend, and in fact most people see it as a kind of weekly Christmas.”

That great man was me, and I said it just then.

This week we’ll be covering the rise in European ecommerce spend, the continuing struggle with personalisation, social media James Bond predictions and much more.

Poor mobile connectivity costing retailers £1.2bn

UK retailers could be missing out on as much as £1.2bn through abandoned mobile purchases, according to new research from Webloyalty.

More than four in five UK consumers reveal that they have had to abandon a purchase on their phone or tablet and nearly seven in ten cited internet connectivity problems as the main cause.

First Instagram ad stats: CTR 17 times higher than average

Rakuten Marketing has released some stats around Instagram ads based on a campaign between the 1-17 September this year.

Key findings include:

  • Click-through rate 17 times higher than standard prospecting CTR.
  • Over 5,000 post likes during a campaign.

Could Beckham be the next Bond?

After Daniel Craig recently announced that the next James Bond film could be his last, social media was flooded with predictions about who might replace him.

Brandwatch analysed social media mentions and found that Damian Lewis was the winner with 500,000 mentions, but David Beckham was hot on his heels with 470,000 mentions.

Social media predictions for next James Bond

European ecommerce spend grows by €10bn

Consumers in 12 European countries spent a total of nearly €180bn on online shopping last year, a year-on-year increase of about €10bn, according to a report by PostNord.

The ecommerce market is also increasingly international, with commerce between countries on the rise. Compared to the previous year, nearly 11m more Europeans shopped online from abroad at least once. 

Nine out of 10 brands failing to personalise effectively 

Nine out of ten brands are failing to personalise effectively, according to new research from Greenlight.

Key findings include:

  • Marketers are most advanced in their use of personalisation on websites and email, with over half (54%) personalising on both these channels.
  • Mobile continues to lag behind with just a quarter (24%) of marketers personalising on mobile devices or in-app.
  • More than a third of marketers (36%) are using location insights to tailor campaigns.

Marketing professionals lose 44m working days to multitasking

Marketing professionals lose 44m workings day every year to multitasking and dealing with daily interruptions like phones, emails, and social media, according to research by Ranstad Business Support.

Key findings include:

  • Working in marketing requires more multitasking than nearly all other industries.
  • Eight in ten marketing professionals say they have to multitask more in their working lives than two or three years ago, as social media demands multiply.
  • Nearly half of marketing workers have developed strategies to cope with technological distractions and retain their focus, more than any other job sector.
  • Only 52% of marketing workers realise they pay a cognitive price every time they’re interrupted.

Consumers set to purchase beach essentials to escape advancing winter 

In its latest insights Barometer, eBay looks at how travel and holiday related items are of year round interest as long haul travel becomes a bigger business.

Key findings include:

  • Searches for bikini on eBay.co.uk rose by 31% and searches for flip flops by 40% as shoppers purchased for sun-seeking trips.
  • There were 180 searches for snow sports items on the day of the summer solstice as travellers planned southern hemisphere ski holidays.
  • This April was the sunniest on record, and led to a 20% surge in sales for tents.

90% of consumers say good service makes them feel more positive about brands.

Verint and Ovum surveyed more than 18,000 customers in nine countries to find out where companies are falling short of providing good service and keeping customers loyal.

Key findings include:

  • 81% ‘just want questions answered’.
  • Nearly one third think experiences are more positive when companies understand their account history.
  • Almost half are suspicious about how their data is being used by companies.
  • Customer retention is not just about price. Mistakes and rude staff are key reasons why people switch providers.

AOP Content and Trends Census reveals new threats to the digital publishing industry

The Association of Online Publishers (AOP) has released the findings from its seventh annual Content and Trends Census.

Key findings include: 

  • New industry challenges identified as ad blockers, ad fraud, and the rise of brands and agencies as content creators.
  • Publishers remain positive about opportunities within digital publishing.
  • 63% of publishers say they have achieved growth in smartphone and tablet ad revenues over the last 12 months.

90% of online shoppers respond to real-time offers

Four out of ten online shoppers in the UK abandon their shopping carts 50% of the time or more before they complete a purchase, according to a survey from Talend. 

This represents hundreds of billions in potential revenue for retailers, but as much as 40% of this could be recovered with the timely delivery of special offers.

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