Amido-logoAmido’s expertise lies in assembling and integrating proven cloud technologies, often building solutions around an existing core, enabling clients to prioritise investment between commodity services and those delivering competitive advantage. Clients ask Amido to help them build resilience at scale, flexibility for the future and differentiation of customer experience while minimising business risk and build cost.

Amido prides itself on designing and implementing cloud-first solutions that are engineered with integrity. Having gained vital and practical expertise delivering successful cloud transformation programs, Amido helps organisations that existed before the wide availability of cloud and therefore juggle managing substantial legacy infrastructure with wanting to develop new products and services, quickly.

The agency cares about how digital experiences can improve everyday life. Amido sees technology as a tool to improve human experiences. Technology ensures the agency staff have the digital tools and knowledge they need to enjoy their work and succeed. For their clients, smarter use of technology helps them innovate at speed.


In the past 12 months, the agency has seen significant client wins in both the public and private sectors. This has allowed it to continue to invest in its people, as demonstrated by the agency’s placement in the Great Place to Work 2018 league table. It also won at the UK Cloud Awards and placed in the FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Amido’s award-winning work with Global is one of the highlights as it demonstrates how the rapid deployment of cloud technology can solve real business problems and produce a tangible return on investment, quickly. The solution has more than halved the work required by their teams to search and compile promotional audio content examples for their clients; a massive improvement which allows their sales teams to focus on more value-add commercial opportunities.

Amido is proud of how its sustainable growth (256% over three years) has allowed it to give back to the third sector. By collaborating with Save the Children International (StC), Amido was able to improve its IT efficiency while retaining its unique global brand presence worldwide and national localism in the international marketplace. By building StC a market-leading identity solution spanning 120 countries, it encouraged cross-border collaboration, significantly reduced duplication of effort and created a greater feeling of togetherness across the humanitarian organisation.

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Financial YearMarch 2018
Fee Income (£)11,805,596