BAE Systems is a design and build agency delivering human-centred engineering. It has expertise in user research, user experience design, visual design and full stack development. The agency advises organisations on becoming more human centric in their digital transformation.

The agency aims to be the leading design and build solution provider for highly secure and highly usable services. It is an information intelligence company that enhances and protects its clients’ online capabilities. BAE Systems focuses on ensuring the security and robustness of digital infrastructure, while providing frictionless user experience.

BAE Systems cares about protecting users of online services, it says, adding that it helps organisations become more human centred and address their  critical design and build challenges, in which the technology can be very complex. “By caring about the user, we help bring focus and better services,” the company adds.

In the past 12 months, BAE Systems has brought together its products and services teams into a single organisation to create more integrated online services for its clients. This includes the roll out of an Atomic Design system to ensure the agency’s services are more efficient and more consistent for the end user.


Position 20188
Financial YearDecember 2017
Fee Income (£)87,723,779