Cello Signal seeks to help its clients prosper and prevail by delivering and harnessing audience intelligence, selecting and implementing smart choices in technology and delivering bold creativity and innovative market strategies. It works across data science, insight, software engineering, service design and digital marketing channels.

The agency champions the shift from traditional brand-agency relationships, moving from providing a specific, reactive service to helping clients transform and raise their game across the board. Increasingly its focus has been to break down traditional agency and service silos that obstruct and limit progress.

“We are driven to provide clarity for clients, from building expert teams to simpler, more easily adopted solutions for today’s complex marketing challenges,” says the agency. “Making sense of what the future may bring and addressing potential disruptions before they become an issue, the end goal is always to help clients do better.”

In the last 12 months its proprietary SaaS, www.pulsarplatform.com, reached £8m turnover and established an on-the-ground team in the US. It has also built out a specialist Signal Health team with briefs from EFPIA, the Innovative Medicines Initiative, Novo Nordisk, Merck, BUPA and a number of public health campaigns.


Position 201823
Financial YearDecember 2017
Fee Income (£)25,500,000