Dare is an experience, design and technology company. Dare balances human behaviour, the customer experience and how we can use technology to ensure its clients realise their commercial ambition.

The agency’s unique Dare Inside model places bespoke teams at the heart of its clients’ business. It operates inside its clients’ worlds to create long-term business value and efficiencies.

Dare cares deeply about being human. In its agency, in the way it works, in its solutions.

In the past 12 months, Dare has grown its digital base by 13%, won significant digital transformation work from Wesleyan, BMW and Aetna and continued to deliver for Nike, Vision Express and Barclays. Dare has bolstered its senior leadership team with hires of Caroline Sparkes, Managing Partner and Ben Long, Creative Director.

Position 201880
Financial YearJune 2017
Fee Income (£)6,400,000