For more than two decades, EY Seren has been helping organisations to grow. Recognised for our world-class expertise in Research and Service Design, EY Seren embeds Human-Centred Design and Agile into global organisations and helps them deliver large scale, end-to-end business transformation.

EY Seren’s focus is human behaviour. We work with organisations to create the services, products and platforms that help people make better choices. We use customer research to design new services and we re-shape entire businesses based on a deep understanding of what their customers need. Our goal is to help clients make the world an easier, more enjoyable and more sustainable place to live and work.

We work across a wide range of sectors, including financial services, telecoms, energy, government, membership organisations and health and we leverage EY’s broader knowledge and specialist capabilities to inform and enrich our approach.

Over the last year, EY Seren has grown to over 250 people in the UK, who are organised into seven vibrant practice areas: Service Design, Business Design, Experience Delivery, Customer Research, Product Design, Customer Analytics and Storytelling.

In addition to our London HQ we have a new office and growing team in Manchester and we’ve taken Service Design back home by opening an office in the Nordics, plus a satellite in Mexico City. These new locations join our expanding network of other international offices in Johannesburg, Madrid, Paris, Dublin, Athens and Hong Kong. As part of EY’s global ‘wavespace’ network, we are also able to leverage resources and physical locations in many other cities around the world.

We want to help our clients value the wellbeing and diversity of the people they serve; we want to help shape the future of society in a way that makes sense for humans and we want to support clients who share our concern for the earth and its finite natural resources.

The organisations that will be successful tomorrow will be the ones that understand how the digital future will affect us as humans. We’re passionate about helping people using technology, powered by human insight, to navigate an age of uncertainty and create a better world.

Position 201914
Financial YearJune 2019
UK Digital Fee Income (£)58,150,704