forward3d agency logoForward3D is a global digital performance marketing agency that specialises in data-driven, innovative campaigns. It works across paid search, SEO, content, display and social, using industry-leading linguistics, data science, attribution modelling and proprietary technology. The agency also delivers cutting-edge activity across over 100 territories and more than 50 languages on global and local platforms.

Forward3D puts data and innovation at the heart of everything it does, and is constantly developing its services to stay ahead in a highly competitive landscape. The agency combines bespoke processes, proprietary technology and its poly-skilled workforce to provide clients with the resources to deliver a great experience for their customers.

“Our most important investment is in our people,” says Forward3D. “Encouraging an adaptable, poly-skilled workforce is key for staff development and the sustained growth of the agency. We reward success and are constantly augmenting our training, benefits and development programs to ensure the wellbeing of our employees continues to be catered for.”

In December 2017, Forward3D joined the Stagwell Agency Group. It has embraced Stagwell’s vision of creating a “new model for agency networks”, maintaining its independent spirit and agnostic approach to media and working with incumbent partners as an extension of its clients’ marketing and brand teams.


Position 201822
Financial YearDecember 2017
Fee Income (£)26,120,000