Four has a full-service digital offer including a unique proprietary insight methodology, Mapper360®, strategic planning, web development, campaign management, digital media, creative, social media, search and content production. We work in key sectors including health, property, travel, financial services, government, brand and culture.

Four specialises in insight-led digital marketing that delivers game-changing outcomes for clients. At the heart of Four’s approach is what we call ‘the power of together’. Not only is this the agency’s overall mantra for partnership and integration, it also describes our digital marketing approach which sees strategic insights coupled with the intelligent integration of paid, owned, shared and earned channels and activity to deliver commercial success.

The integrated digital team at Four is passionate about delivering impressive outcomes for clients built on data-driven insights. We believe in close collaboration and knowledge-sharing with client teams and the application of innovations in technology and media to solve problems and unlock commercial value.

We are an agency where a diverse range of people and skillsets thrive and grow. We take into account flexible working practices, account structures and deliverables to create meaningful work and sustainable and exciting careers.

Last year saw significant new product development. Footprints is an innovative new product currently which allows clients in travel, retail and other sectors to prove ROI for digital marketing used to drive footfall to a physical location. We have introduced innovative blockchain solutions into programmatic media buying and a new data-driven digital crisis management product, PROTECT.

Work highlights from the past year include our game-changing partnership with a major UK tour operator, bringing together PPC, SEO and PR under a single strategy to reverse a multi-year decline in search and conversion performance. In 12 months we delivered growth in ROI of 354% and uplift in website conversions of 17.8%, resulting in sales growth across a five-strong list of key destinations.

Meanwhile, our focus for the next 12 months will see us continue to develop three key areas:

  1. Ongoing new product development and innovation in integrated digital solutions
  2. Growth in digital in healthcare & pharma due to the scale of our business in this sector and extensive relationships with the biggest global companies
  3. Process automation. We also have projects underway looking at work which could be better replicated by machine learning and AI. This will allow repetitive low level account handling tasks to be transferred, freeing up staff to input at more strategic and rewarding levels.
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Financial YearDecember 2018
UK Digital Fee Income (£)16,757,581