Jaywing is a data science-led agency, consultancy and martech business. Defined by our mindset, experts with deep specialist knowledge in brand, strategy, AI, insight, data, digital, search, CRM and more collaborate across continents to create and innovate game-changing outcomes for clients from small scale innovators to global brands.

Trusted partnerships, progressive data science and a deep-rooted “One Jaywing” are our hallmarks. Sister agency, Epiphany, is an established Google Premier Partner, experienced in creating multi-award winning digital content. Meanwhile, our skilled data scientists have developed patentable and award-winning AI products and tools that underpin and inspire creativity and innovation.

We believe that collaboration is key. Through understanding audiences and their actions better thanks to data-driven insights, we’re able to produce engaging creative and marketing solutions that deliver results. We’re empowering clients to be braver, demonstrating the potential and effectiveness of the opportunities we’re encouraging them to take.

Over the last year, we have continued to launch data-driven tools including Frontrunner, our digital sales promotions tool and Jaywing’s attribution offer which highlights the true value of cross-channel marketing. We’ve also launched a partnership with Leeds University Student Union to create a first-of-its-kind micro agency to challenge the conventional graduate recruitment programme.

Position 201919
Financial YearMarch 2018
UK Digital Fee Income (£)30,005,619