Merkle is a data-driven, technology-enabled, global performance marketing agency. It specialises in the creation and delivery of unique, personalised customer experiences that drive performance across all platforms and devices. This is called “people-based marketing” and Merkle has over 30 years’ expertise in delivering this approach for its clients.

Merkle’s heritage in data, technology and analytics is the foundation on which its unique people-based marketing solutions are built. Using a combination of first and third-party data, Merkle creates, targets and measures highly customised experiences that drive immediate results and build loyalty and customer value, helping to foster an effective and healthy advertising ecosystem.

With today’s market consolidating further around quality customer data, clients are increasingly demanding highly specialised skills, sold on a fractional basis, instead of the linear model of traditional agencies. Succeeding in this environment requires a much more robust, data-driven approach to business management which, in turn, allows for greater integration and agility. Taking this into account, Merkle specialises in prioritising testing and learning with a hybrid buying model that looks to solve this problem for its clients.

Over the past year Merkle has acquired Namics, a full-service digital agency in Switzerland, Germany and Serbia; opened an office in Edinburgh; launched its people-based data platform, DataSource, in the UK, and expanded its in-housing solution with a new ad-tech consultancy. Merkle has become a founding partner of Conscious Advertising Network, supporting its ambition to tackle unethical practice in the industry, including ad fraud, consent and fake news.

Merkle’s key focus for the next 12 months arises from the fact that it is increasingly being tasked with delivering total customer experiences for its clients. Through delivering such experiences, Merkle seeks the opportunity to de-risk each impression it serves, dramatically improve the customer journey and more effectively manage the relationship that each person has with the brands it represents. As a result, Merkle can create better utility in the advertising ecosystem, and deliver greater value for brands and consumers alike.

As Merkle capitalises on this opportunity, it aims to create a dynamic, stimulating working environment for its teams, as it continues to innovate in the marketplace.

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Financial YearDecember 2018
UK Digital Fee Income (£)90,798,594