Metia’s people are experts at understanding its clients’ audiences. They speak their language. The agency understands their motivations and decision-making processes. Its clients are often global. Metia supports them worldwide, having deployed campaigns in 88 countries and 39 languages in the last two years.

The agency connects insight, content and demand generation methodologies for specific audiences, using its unique Content Resonance System and Performance Benchmark Index technology to provide a data-driven approach and create high-performing customer engagement campaigns.

Metia cares deeply about understanding everything about its clients’ customers. “Our goal is to provide customer-focused marketing that is authentic, innovative and measurable,” it says. “We use data to create customer insight, inform strategies and measure performance. We measure everything, ignore vanity metrics and pay attention to the numbers that matter the most.”

In the past 12 months, Metia won the BMW Innovation Lab program, demonstrating that its expertise, skills and systems – largely developed for tech and digital native businesses – are now relevant to many mainstream brands as they seek to redefine and transform themselves to prosper in a digital age.


Position 201889
Financial YearSeptember 2017
Fee Income (£)4,841,798