We create experiences that change the way people buy, communicate, and behave. We do this through our four core discipline practices: campaigns & content, product & service design, technology platforms, and mobile & emerging technologies.

We actively fuse campaign and digital experience thinking to bring new, progressive perspectives to our client challenges. We create lean, multi-disciplinary teams and bring our clients into the process, helping to make work that challenges expectations and builds brand relevance in modern culture.

Brands must think differently about modern communications to maintain relevance. Tackling a challenge in a traditional way and expecting a modern result is lunacy. We believe that change is necessary and possible. We want to make communications in an increasingly digital world more interesting, efficient and ultimately more meaningful.

This year Mirum UK merged with POSSIBLE UK, bolstering our ability to make highly creative work that works and deepening our expertise in key technical platforms. We were also named ‘Agency of the Future’ for Shell Retail, a global AOR contract, owing to our global footprint and creative prowess.

Position 201925
Financial YearDecember 2018
UK Digital Fee Income (£)24,650,533