Nomensa is an independent strategic UX design agency that combines expertise in psychology, user-centred design and accessibility to transform digital experiences. Humans are at the heart of every endeavour, working alongside the agency’s clients to generate sustainable and powerful technology creations that drive commercial with customer experience at the core.

Now one of Europe’s leading UX agencies operating across London, Bristol and Amsterdam, Nomensa blends state-of-the-art thinking, innovation and creativity to build experiences that delight and engage. Nomensa’s more than 100-strong team is made up of some of the most talented minds in the industry.

‘Humanising Technology’ is Nomensa’s founding and guiding principle. By capitalising on psychology to drive designs and shape strategies, Nomensa creates meaningful digital experiences that are moulded around those who truly matter: the users. This human-heavy purpose is present in its collaborative internal management style, UX events and partnerships with clients.

Employee fulfilment and cross-sector collaboration are better signifiers of success than just tangibles or financial stats. However, 2018 has been quite a year; its employee count surpassed 100, UX events Collaborate and Interact are on the horizon, while co-chair of WCAG and Nomensa founder Alastair Campbell co-authored the newly-released WCAG-2.1.


Position 201877
Financial YearDecember 2017
Fee Income (£)£6,463,362