Omobono combines creativity and technology to solve key challenges faced by global business brands. These include customer and employee brand definition and development, creating outstanding customer and employee journeys and experiences, and one-to-few sales experiences for our clients’ diamond prospects.

We believe in the combined power of people, platforms and brands. Through our Halo Model we address the three areas which affect how an organisation is perceived, by customers, employees and stakeholders. It is a framework for delivering experiences that drive both cultural and commercial impact for our clients.

Omobono believes that business is a force for good. Business brands drive over half the global economy, but most fail to receive the strategic and creative service levels they deserve. Omobono set up in 2001 to deliver outstanding work on their behalf and are still committed to it in 2019.

In the past 12 months, we have created a new service to drive sales for our clients through one-to-few experiences. In B2B, long chains of decision-makers mean that the critical sales moment is the singular point when they gather together. Laser focus on this experience drives big ticket conversion to outstanding levels.
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Financial YearDecember 2018
UK Digital Fee Income (£)8,106,943