Omobono has deep expertise in tackling the key challenges faced by global business brands. Its expertise lies in driving corporate brands forward in new markets and for new initiatives, in aligning the organisation’s people and platforms to deliver an outstanding customer, employee or candidate experience and in managing senior stakeholders.

Omobono is the creative and technology agency for global business brands. It works across the three areas which affect how an organisation is perceived and experienced: brand, people and technology platforms. By looking at the way these three connect it drives both cultural and commercial impact for its clients.

The agency believes that business is a force for good. Business brands drive over half the global economy but most business brands lack the recognition they deserve, it says. “Omobono set up in 2001 to champion them, to do outstanding work for business brands. They are still committed to it in 2018.”

Omobono has experienced major international growth in the last 12 months, tripling the size of its US office, including setting up a dedicated team to help its biggest clients close multimillion dollar bids. Its Dubai office has doubled in size and now has an annex in Saudi Arabia.


Position 201861
Financial YearDecember 2017
Fee Income (£)8,016,257