ORM helps organisations accelerate through complexity to achieve their digital freedom. We believe organisations should have the freedom to grow, scale and change with the speed and efficiency they need.

We have a proven approach to solving business challenges. Through a deep understanding of our clients’ sectors, we have developed a framework for success. We apply these core capabilities and technologies to clients’ businesses to accelerate them through complexity, with speed to market of creating digital platforms and products.

We care about giving our clients digital freedom – that’s freedom to grow through strategic decision-making, freedom to save by creating operational efficiencies, freedom to engage and enhance their customer experience, and freedom to learn through data and insights to deliver competitive advantage.

A work highlight over the last year was our complete redesign and development of the marketing website for Transport for Wales. It was an intense programme of work, with just 12 weeks to launch, and a strict non-moveable start date for the takeover. The new site also had to be delivered bilingually from day one. ORM employed a team of designers, developers, strategists and project / account management who collaborated with Transport for Wales’ internal digital and content teams. Agile ways of working and fast turnaround on decision-making were needed on all sides. We’re proud of this work as it demonstrated that tight timeframe deliverables could be met, and it is a new transport platform for a whole region and country.

In May 2019, ORM was acquired by Paragon Group UK and is now part of Paragon Customer Communications. PCC works with a portfolio of blue-chip clients to transform their customer communications, using the very latest technological innovations to generate meaningful and responsive customer interaction.

Our data team is set to double in size over this next year, to provide deeper website and application analytics, from implementation and tag management through to analysis, insight and KPI reporting. And our engineering team is also being scaled with the right people to become more product-oriented. Implementing a Continuous Delivery lifecycle from the very beginning is our focus, so we can support and optimise the products we create for our clients in a product-oriented and efficient manner.
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Financial YearJune 2019
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