RAPP UK says that its whole job is to convince one person – to get the most motivating message in front of them, at the most appropriate time. Its data analysts know who that person is, its strategists understand what they want and its creatives and technologists know how to get it to them.

The agency’s 50 years’ experience of first-party data helps it create work that is fiercely individual. Its ideas are born in data and bred in digital.

RAPP UK cares about being fiercely individual and creating work that talks directly to an individual. Work that makes the individual click that button. Watch that film. Buy that thing. “We can only do that with our fierce individuals who create and drive the essence of our business and our culture,” the agency says.

Over the past 12 months, the agency has been flexing its creative muscles, culminating in eight DMA awards, including a Gold. Its creative flair, combined with its unique marketing sciences, data and technology division, Code Worldwide, has also seen RAPP UK triumphant on a number of competitive pitches, 19 to date.


Position 201820
Financial YearDecember 2016
Fee Income (£)29,554,000