Everyone thinks technology is about design, build, delivery, optimisation, KPIs. But that’s not the case. Technology is about change. Not the zeros and ones. But the people, the culture and the impact it has on the world. At Red Badger, we believe you cannot build successful technology without simultaneously empowering your people to embrace it. This requires a change at every level. Our commitment to solving the right thing in the right way, our focus on outcomes, not outputs and our continuous learning ethos, means we will transform your organisation – delivering value fast.

Red Badger are digital transformation experts with proven capabilities in digital product development, product strategy, design and management as well as data strategy and insights. We work with businesses such as Santander, HSBC, Nandos, Fortnum & Mason, Fidelity, News UK, London Metal Exchange and others.

Red Badger are founding members of The Inclusive Tech Alliance, a membership body dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in the UK tech sector, and takes an active part in The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), a global network of digital agency founders, creative innovators and technology disruptors. We collaborate with You Make It, a women’s empowerment charity and support Huracan Foundation, football for social good, Safe Passage, a charity that provides access to safe and legal routes to asylum, Flipside, a young people upskilling charity, and 48in48, a non-profit organisation that mobilises marketing and technology volunteers to serve nonprofits worldwide.

This year saw the launch of ShareThyme, a free platform that pairs elderly people who love to cook with those who want to learn delicious new dishes. The platform was conceived, designed, built and tested by a small team at Red Badger. The project shows the power of validating ideas at speed and with fidelity – from an idea to a platform in 8 days.

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Financial YearOctober 2018
UK Digital Fee Income (£)11,489,302