Redweb’s expertise lies in its deep understanding of existing platforms and emerging technologies and how to harness these to drive transformation. Redweb’s in-house digital experts in strategy, user experience, content and marketing combine this knowledge with a clear strategic vision, enabling clients to form lasting connections with their target audiences.

Redweb’s independent status leaves it free to explore, innovate and adapt quickly. Its specialists act as an extension of clients’ in-house teams, complementing their businesses with a blend of insight and experience that empowers them to realise their ambitions, overcome challenges and delight their customers.

Nurturing talent is key to Redweb’s values. It’s why the agency hosts Digital Wave, a conference about digital careers for young people, each year. It’s also why Redweb cultivates a culture that encourages staff development, creativity and innovation – something that benefits its roster of clients.

Last year, Redweb celebrated its 20th year as an agency. Changes to the C-Suite included appointing James Watts as CFO, Luke Platt as CEO, and Redweb’s Founder, Andrew Henning, becoming Chief Strategy Officer from CEO. These changes will help the agency capitalise on opportunities and push forward.


Position 201856
Financial YearDecember 2017
Fee Income (£)8,323,000