Rufus Leonard is an independent brand experience agency with a heritage in digital and design. It has expertise in brand optimisation, service design and build, organisational engagement and technology.

In an increasingly complex world, it can be challenging for businesses to deliver consistent, connected and meaningful brand experiences. As Brand Experience Engineers, the agency takes a forensic approach to design, build and fine-tune the engines of brand experience. This engineering mindset makes for more visionary thinking and greater attention to detail.

“As an agency, we care deeply about creating extraordinary brand experiences because they have the power to improve people’s lives,” it says. “Our mission is to make a genuine difference through our clients to every person in the UK.”

The agency restructured the business to become Brand Experience Engineers, applying its full service offering to deliver brand strategy through to digital design and build for Lloyd’s Register, British Red Cross and The Gym Group. It also used its own Brand Experience Index to win business with Reckitt Benckiser without a pitch.

rufus leonard brand experience index

The agency continues: “[As] Brand Experience Engineers, we understand the importance of basing strategies on clear insight and measurement. For years, we used many of the traditional measurement tools such as brand tracking, CSAT and NPS. However, we constantly found it frustrating that no overall measurement existed for brand experience.

“We knew that understanding this would help us identify moments across the entire journey where it’s most important for a brand to exceed customer expectations. It would allow brands to create roadmaps for where to concentrate their effort, as part of the journey to constantly improve experience across the board.

“That’s why we developed the Brand Experience Index, to fill this gap. It finally gives us an overall measurement for brand experience, something that has been to date virtually impossible to extract. The 2018 Brand Experience Index gives you some examples of the insight and measurement this tool delivers, allowing brands to create even more robust brand strategies for this fast-changing world.”

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Financial YearDecember 2017
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