Screenmedia is a 60-strong innovation, design, and technology practice with a strong focus on the three fundamental components of great user experiences: bespoke design to attract, immersive content to engage, and technology that rewards.

We are Scotland’s largest innovation consultancy, experienced in new technologies including mobile, iOT, connected devices, AR, and voice interaction.

We care about creating solutions that delight and benefit users. R&D is also important to us we invest over 20% of our profits annually into new design and technology prototypes that result in radical innovations, from the UX of the original BBC iPlayer, to the first UK Google Home Action.

In the past 12 months, Screenmedia helped Channel 4 become the first UK broadcaster to promote a TV show using Alexa and Google Assistant. We developed The Human Test, which quizzed the show’s fans to find out if they were human or ‘synths’ ahead of the season three premiere of critically-acclaimed drama, ‘Humans’.
Position 201998
Financial YearMay 2019
UK Digital Fee Income (£)4,100,000