Somo-logoSomo designs and builds premium quality digital products and experiences across every device from mobile to desktop to mixed reality. Through its Rapid Actionable Innovation engine, Somo leads digital transformation programs by combining modern engineering, product leadership, and design culture to create digital products customers and staff love.

The agency partners with clients to rapidly develop digital products and experiences; conceiving and validating product ideas within six weeks, developing a Minimum Loveable Product within 12 weeks and iterating and scaling the product post market launch. It future proofs its products with its commitment to innovation and modern development frameworks.

Somo says it cares deeply about building customer self-serve, staff self-serve and staff and customer collaboration products that create real change, are loved by their end users and also generate significant business results and create cultural change for clients.


Highlights from Somo’s digital product and experience delivery over the last 12 months include conceiving and launching the new customer self-serve adaptive site for Audi UK, delivering a staff/customer collaboration tablet platform for use in branch for a global bank and delivering a staff self-serve anti-counterfeiting solution for a luxury FMCG.

The agency considers that innovation will remain a driving force in 2018 and beyond for both startups and previous disruptors. It believes that a heightened emphasis on customers and context will lead to end-to-end integrated experiences. For businesses, viability, customer retention and strategic positioning are all on the line. Even the most agile businesses will feel the pressure to constantly evolve and keep up.

In its ‘2018: the Year the Disrupters Self-Disrupt’ report, Somo outlines the emerging business, tech and design trends driving innovation this year.

Position 201831
Financial YearDecember 2017
Fee Income (£)13,400,000