Somo focuses on Digital Transformation – accelerating the impact of digital products, processes and culture; and Digital Ventures – conceiving, accelerating and scaling new propositions.

Somo accelerates the design and build of digital products and experiences using its unique Rapid Actionable Innovation engine which has successfully delivered over 1,000 products. Outside of brand, speed to market is the only true competitive advantage in a commoditised world. Somo accelerates product development through a unique combination of Modern Engineering, Design Culture and Product Leadership ensuring rapid, validated product development and deployment.

Somo cares about creating meaningful digital products and experiences for customers and its employees interacting with them. Somo recognises that delivering success is critical to clients’ businesses. Somo strives to make a real difference in helping brands on their digital transformation journey.

Over the last year, Somo has grown significantly, including a number of new wins, increased headcount, opened a new office in Washington D.C. and made the appointment of a Chief Growth Officer; Rebecca Crook. This year, Somo became the Digital Agency of Record for Audi of America, which will see the agency delivering all digital work for a three-year period.

Digital transformation is arguably one of the most frequently used terms when brands need to revitalise or indeed try to stay ahead of disruptors in their marketplace. The key challenge for agencies is connecting with clients who understand what digital transformation entails, and how the integration of technology across all areas of the business encompasses everything from a culture change to operational changes.

As customers expect even more end-to-end seamless brands experiences, we believe innovation will continue to be a key growth driver for corporates and new ventures over the next year. Disruption will be the norm across every industry, but companies will continue to struggle to create products and experiences rapidly at the pace they need to, whilst adapting to newer technology solutions such as Cloud.

Here at Somo, we will be leveraging our strong expertise and understanding of Cloud-based new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data and Machine Learning, demonstrating how they can bolster brand engagement opportunities and enhance the customer experience.  With more and more companies moving to Cloud with a desire to get to grips with new technology, we are perfectly placed to help create and define the right digital products by building intuitive and seamless product experiences.

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Financial YearDecember 2018
UK Digital Fee Income (£)15,800,000