The BIO Agency specialises in two things – digital innovation and digital transformation. Its expertise is in bringing together the right collaborative, customer-focused teams to find opportunities, change businesses and deliver results. It offers an end-to-end service encompassing vision and strategy, customer experience, creative innovation, delivery and technical deployment.

The agency’s new platform allows it to forecast the performance of experience-led projects. When this is combined with its proprietary methodologies, it is able to offer unparalleled insight into the impact of the work it does, allowing it to deliver something genuinely different.

“We care deeply about proving the benefits of what we do for users, for our customers and for the wider world,” The BIO Agency says. “We believe that our industry does great things, but it’s not always able to demonstrate why it works. Understanding and sharing the impact of digital is vital.”

Over the last year, The BIO Agency has developed an industry-first framework to make the industry more accountable and begun using it with clients. It says it is excited by the opportunities it gives the agency to extend its offering, reduce risk and prove results. The agency also opened in the US.

The BIO Agency’s Founder and CEO Peter Veash was voted as this year’s most influential person in the industry by Top 100 entrants. Download the full report to read an interview with him about his work.

Position 201828
Financial YearApril 2018
Fee Income (£)14,638,115