TMW-Unlimited-logoTMW Unlimited is a customer engagement and digital experience agency. It helps its clients form lasting emotional connections with its customers through a unique ‘Intelligent Influence’ approach. This vision drives its award-winning Strategy, Creative, Data and Interactive teams to create rich customer experiences that deliver genuine customer engagement for clients.

The agency has honed cross-functional ways of thinking and works to engage with clients on their digital journey, ensuring a complete customer experience. Its ‘Intelligent Influence’ planning methodology enables it to create the most influential creative ideas, content and brand connections across the most relevant digital channels along the journey.

“We collaborate with our clients and their customers’ needs in order to create experiences that deliver results. Our knowledge of the marketing and technology landscapes helps clients build balanced solutions,” TMW Unlimited says.

The agency says it has seen its strongest year so far, with 16 account wins including Shell Retail, Clarion Housing Group and GSMA. It spoke at several key events, judged numerous awards and hosted its biggest Influence Session to date. Award wins included Gold at the DMAs, Digital Impact and Creative Tech Awards and a film shortlist at Cannes.


The agency continues: “We approach customer engagement through ‘Intelligent Influence’. This allows us to combine all kinds of insight, from purchase data to neuroscience, to develop a genuine understanding of individual customers. We then transform these insights into creative ideas that genuinely change behaviour.

“Ultimately, we believe that the strongest feelings result in the longest lasting change, and that the most creative ideas are the most influential. We therefore build long-term value for our clients by helping them form lasting emotional connections with their customers.

“We are an award-winning agency working across the UK, Europe and beyond for clients including Unilever, Vodafone, Ferrero, Virgin Trains, INFINITI, Shell Retail UK, Nissan, HSBC UK and Dogs Trust. We have also recently added to our existing client roster with 18 new accounts wins. Our approach to customer engagement is evident in the work we create for our clients.

“In the last few months, we have created a geo-targeted campaign first that triggered a manhunt on the streets of the UK for Lynx, positioned the ultra-sophisticated, deliciously smooth Kinder Bueno as the ultimate adulting reward and formed a unique collaboration with emerging UK artists to support the launch of VOXI, Vodafone’s new youth-oriented network.”


Position 201825
Financial YearMarch 2017
Fee Income (£)20,400,294