Visualsoft-Ltd-logoVisualsoft is an award-winning ecommerce platform and digital marketing business that was established in 1998. The company works with more than 1,000 clients to provide bespoke ecommerce solutions and helps grow businesses online by effective implementation of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, affiliate marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

Visualsoft operates in a highly competitive and diverse market that is changing as quickly as new technology develops. What is most unique about the business is its all-encompassing offering of ecommerce, digital marketing and support from beneath one roof.

As an agency, Visualsoft is just as passionate about its people as it is about innovation of products and services. The business houses a dedicated R&D team and recently implemented a full benefits package to all employees including unlimited holidays and flexible working hours.

The business recently launched Shared Success – a disruptive, all-inclusive, commission-based solution designed to deliver accelerated retail sales growth. Instead of the usual fixed fee client-agency commercial model, costs are based on a percentage of client sales and offer a range of services and prices that genuinely reflect their needs.

Twenty years ago, Visualsoft set out to provide an ecommerce solution that would deliver an outstanding experience for its clients and their customers alike, paving the way for better technology in the industry. Visualsoft’s clients have enjoyed success through working with the agency over the past year, using its expert development and marketing teams to grow their businesses online.

The agency is confident in its approach, investing heavily in innovation and forging partnerships with industry heavyweights such as Google, Klarna, Amazon, Worldpay, Sage, Barclaycard and Bing.

This year, Visualsoft was named by Google as a Tier 1 Agency in Europe, showing its ongoing commitment to developing its services for the benefit of its clients. The team has worked with more than 1,200 clients in the past year to continually grow its online stores through Visualsoft’s proprietary ecommerce platform and digital marketing services.

“Our consistent R&D and re-investment into our offering means we have innovated and stayed ahead of our clients’ expectations,” the agency says. “Launching strategic marketing services propel our clients’ growth to new heights.”


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Financial YearJune 2018
Fee Income (£)11,054,397